Station adoption is one of the ways in which local people can become directly involved with their railway. Many groups across the country are now taking up the idea, as a way of injecting new life into often-neglected, unstaffed stations.

Although there is no fixed template for station adoption, schemes generally fall into two categories:

  • Where station ‘monitors’ act as additional “eyes and ears” and regularly report problems to the train operating company.
  • “Friends of stations”, where small groups undertake a wide variety of activities ranging from feeding in comments, tidying up of litter and weeds, to provision of station enhancements such as gardens, planters, art work and signage.

At Watford North, a small group has taken up the challenge and they work on the ‘eyes and ears’ principle. An inspection takes place at least once a week, a record sheet is filled in and then returned to the group station manager. Although the TOC do check their stations regularly, such a process can help to flag up problems such as faulty lights and vandalism, which may save the handyman a journey.

Station adoption groups also exist at Bricket Wood, How Wood, Park Street and St Albans Abbey.

If you are interested in joining one of these groups, please contact the Community Rail Partnership Officer via our Contact page.

PLEASE NOTE: under no circumstances does station adoption give you the right to go on or near the track, or to conduct activities on railway property without the permission of the relevant authorities.

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