Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Abbey Flyer?

The Abbey Flyer is a train service that runs every 45 minutes between St Albans Abbey and Watford Junction stations on Mondays to Saturdays. On Sundays, the service is hourly.

Where does it stop?

All trains stop at Watford Junction, Watford North, Garston, Bricket Wood, How Wood, Park Street and St Albans Abbey.

See our Route Guide page for further information about each station, its location and facilities available.

How do I buy a ticket?

The Abbey Flyer is a ‘pay-train’. This means you can board the train at any station and buy a ticket from the onboard conductor. If you have not been able to purchase a ticket by the time you get to Watford Junction, you can buy one at the excess fare window.

Tickets can also be purchased at Ticket vending machines located at the stations and online at http://www.londonnorthwesternrailway.co.uk and www.nationalrail.co.uk.

Can I buy a season ticket?

Yes, you can buy a weekly season ticket from the onboard conductor. However, season tickets for longer periods must be bought from the Watford Junction booking office.

Can I use credit or debit cards on the train?

Yes, conductors will accept cash, credit or debit cards.

How long does the journey take?

The journey takes 16 minutes from end to end. Visit our Timetable page for further information.

What if my train is late?

If your train journey is delayed by 30 minutes or more you can claim a refund from London NorthWestern Railway by following the link: https://www.londonnorthwesternrailway.co.uk/about-us/delay-repay

What do I do if my train is cancelled?

Check the platform notices, there will be a notice board with a map showing the location of the rail replacement bus stop.

What modes of transport can I use to get to the station?

Abbey Line stations are well located within the areas they serve and are easily reachable on foot or by bike. There is limited parking available at St Albans Abbey, Park Street and Bricket Wood and a large car park at Watford Junction.

St Albans Abbey, Watford Junction, Watford North and Garston stations are all served by Intalink bus services, which means a PlusBus ticket will cover the bus and train.

See our Bus Connections page for further information.

Is the Abbey Line accessible to those with mobility problems?

Some of the Abbey Line stations have a large stepping distance down from the train, but a call will allow us to make sure that a member of staff is available, with a portable access ramp if necessary.

If you need such assistance, you are normally requested to give 24 hours notice where possible. Please visit the London Northwestern Railway assisted travel pages on their website at https://www.londonnorthwesternrailway.co.uk/travel-information/accessible-travelwhere you can find the relevant contact details.

Note: in 2009 a raised area of platform known as an Easier Access Area was installed at St Albans Abbey station. This reduces the gap between the platform and one of the train doors making it easier for passengers to get on and off the train.

How much does it cost?

See our Fares page. For further information, refer to www.nationalrail.co.uk or call National Rail Enquiries on 03457 484950.

Are there walks near the stations?

Yes, there are four specially-created walks that centre on Abbey Line stations. Visit our Walks page for further information.

How many people use the Abbey Line?

About 475,000 journeys are made on the Abbey Line each year. And these numbers are growing. Yet you can nearly always find a seat on this train. Join us!

Is it safe?

Yes. Every train has a driver, a guard and a conductor. There is a help point at every station. Stations are well lit and mostly adjacent to housing.

Is it reliable?

Yes! As well as offering the quickest journey between St Albans and Watford by public transport at just 16 mins, the Abbey Line consistently has one of the highest reliability rates in the country, nearly always being above the national average in terms of its Public Performance Measure (PPM), the industry standard measure for reliability.

Where else can I go once I get to Watford Junction?

The destinations from Watford Junction include London Euston, Milton Keynes, Northampton, Birmingham, Liverpool, Gatwick, Brighton, Clapham Junction and even the Highlands of Scotland! See our Rail Connections page for further details of operators serving Watford Junction.

What is ABFLY?

ABFLY- The Abbey Flyer Users Group, is a voluntary organisation that represents users of the line. It is a member of the Community Rail Partnership.

What is the CRP?

The Community Rail Partnership is comprised of local government, businesses, community groups and the Train Operating Company. Its goal is to promote and therefore increase the number of passengers using the line. For further information about who we are and what we do, please visit the About Us page.

Do Penalty Fares apply on the Abbey Line?

Please note a penalty fare system operates on the Abbey Line services. Anyone without a valid ticket will be liable to pay the penalty fare.

Can I take a bike on the train?

Bikes (except tandems) are welcome on board our trains but space can be very limited. Please ensure that your bike does not obstruct doorways or pose a risk to other passengers. If you are travelling on to or from London Euston please note you cannot take full-size bikes on any train arriving in London Euston between 07:00 and 09:59, or departing from London Euston between 16:00 and 18:59 from Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays). However, folding cycles can be carried on any service, any time, no charge.
Cycle storage is available at St Albans Abbey, Park Street, Bricket Wood, Watford North and Watford Junction stations.

How far is it from St Albans City Station from St Albans Abbey station?

It is about a 20 minute walk between the two stations, or 7-10 minutes by bike. For a map of the walking / cycling route (avoiding Holywell Hill), see below.

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